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The pump is the beating heart of your production process. Or that of your customers. The motor that sets everything in motion and indicates the correct rhythm. That controls, transfers and doses. It pushes and controls.

That is exactly why we, at Flowtec, offer the best brands on the market. And surround ourselves with the best minds. In this way we combine the best quality with customized technical advice and support. So that you too can move on with confidence.

Discover how Flowtec strengthens your production.

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We don’t just let every brand conquer our hearts. But we do know exactly which brands are reliable. Based on our strong technical experience, we have compiled a complete and supplementary range. So you have high level and reliable options for every application.

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  • 19 February 2020

    100% safe tank truck unloading and perfect dosage for chemical plant

    We delivered the pumps for a new chemical factory. And also assisted with the tank truck unloading procedures.
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  • 10 February 2020

    150 industrial pumps of every possible type for new chemical plant

    We matched every single chemical process in this new factory with the best possible industrial pump, and gave advise on maintenance and spare part management.
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  • 22 January 2020

    Straight to the heart

    The pumping system is literally the beating heart of the production process. The driving force behind the daily flow in many companies.
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